About us

About Caffeine Anon.

"Welcome to Caffeine Anon – where admitting your love for caffeine is the first step to enlightenment."

It all began with a candid confession: Hello, we're Caffeine Anon, and we're coffeeholics. We're not here to curb the craving; we're here to celebrate it. Our journey, inspired by the vibrant tales whispered over coffee cups, brought forth a unique blend of passion and precision. From the sun-kissed sambas of Brazil to the rhythmic rituals of Indonesia, our beans echo tales of tradition and taste.

Leading this coffee adventure, I often find myself wearing the hat of Chief Executive Coffeeholic. What started as a personal passion soon brewed into something bigger – a tight-knit community. It's a cozy corner where folks like you and me, with a shared love for caffeine, come together. Sharing tales, toasts, and timeless moments over our favorite drink. Brewed Awakening isn't just another coffee stop on the block; it's where we embrace our coffee cravings and celebrate them. Think of it as your go-to Caffeine Anonymous group.

For us, it's not just about the kick of caffeine or the richness of flavor. It's the stories behind every cup. The journeys these beans have taken from the serene hills of South America, the vibrant farms of Africa, to the aromatic fields of Asia, is something truly special.

So, fellow coffee aficionado, fancy taking a deeper plunge into this world of warm mugs and heartfelt conversations? Together, let's cherish every drop, every moment, every brew.